Country Consultations (Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Syria)

The success of the Resilience Development Forum relies on prior country consultations in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Syria, organized under the leadership of UN Resident Coordinators, in close collaboration with country counterparts. The country consultations addressed bottlenecks and unresolved challenges, and concluded in recommendations to address future directions of response to the Syria crisis, as they pertain to individual affected countries.

Four generic discussion papers on making aid architecture fit for resilience; social inclusiveness; private sector engagement; and resilience inside Syria helped frame the debate in the country consultations as they facilitated the multi-partner discussions with identified opportunities, challenges, and a set of guiding questions.

A report on the outcome of the country consultations will be available in advance of a regional consultation, before the Resilience Development Forum. UN Resident Coordinators, and their government counterparts, will present the outcome documents at a regional meeting with the objective of identifying regional patterns as well as country specificities.

The country reports are inputs to the Resilience Agenda. The resilience agenda will list agreed action points and milestones capturing how partners plan to address the bottleneck topics addressed by the RDF.

Country Consultations took place on the following dates:

  • Jordan: 29 September 2015
  • Turkey: 07 October 2015
  • Lebanon: 09 October 2015
  • Iraq: 18 October 2015
  • Egypt: Ongoing
  • Syria: Ongoing

Brief on Country Consultations


The Jordan country consultations took place on 29 September, with over 50 participants from government, private sector, civil society and donors. The consultation brought partners together to look at the broader picture, reflect on challenges, and to innovate in order to introduce new solutions that lead to better and more resilient results.


Lebanon completed a very successful national consultation on 07 October, with a rich conversation across the 3 areas of focus. The event included over 80 participants form government, CSO, donors, the private sectors.


Turkey country consultations were a success, hosted by the government on 09 October, with over 100 participants from government, private sector, international organizations, including all key ministries and over 20 NGIs.


IraqFlag_of_Iraq.svg: Following an invitation letter to the country consultations from DSRSG Lise Grande, consultations were held simultaneously in Erbil and Baghdad on 18 October. The consultations included a strong focus on the importance of resilience. The working sessions were not organized around the generic papers, but the subjects were addressed in the parallel meetings. Three integrated groups convened in parallel to asks what the government, private sector and CSO/NGOs could do to strengthen resilience.


Egypt: Consultations in Egypt were carried out with the Government of Egypt, development partners, the private sector (underway), civil society (will begin soon), as well as the United Nations in Egypt. The consultations included action points and recommendations to address opportunities and challenges in the following areas: (i) Making aid architecture fit for resilience; (ii) Social stability; (iii) Private sector engagement.


Syria: consultations on promoting resilience in Syria have been ongoing since the beginning of 2015, mainly within the context of developing the 2016-2017 Strategic Framework for the UN system in Syria. While still being finalized, these consultations have produced three focus areas: capacity building and support for institutions of all kinds to respond to crisis, restoring and expanding more responsive essential services and infrastructure, and improving socio-economic resilience of the Syrian people.