Innovation Marketplace

The Resilience Development Forum (RDF) included a two-day Resilience-building Innovation Marketplace. The Marketplace was designed to give space for the many partners involved in the response to the Syria crisis to showcase their innovative initiatives and ideas, and to share knowledge, lessons learned, best practices and technologies employed.

The Marketplace will offer to RDF partners:

  • A platform for governments to highlight their innovative responses to building the resilience of communities and systems in their respective countries
  • An opportunity for implementing partners to share and exchange innovative approaches to strengthening resilience in the context of the Syria crisis
  • An open space for the international community to appreciate new trends and approaches to a protracted crisis

The Marketplace showcased two categories of initiatives:

  1. Initiatives that have demonstrated tangible results and are backed by reliable data
  2. Initiatives that are not yet tested in the context of the Syria crisis but have catalytic potential