Exhibitors at the Marketplace

The marketplace will showcase over 50 projects selected by a multi-partner evaluation committee for their innovation and resilience focus. The following is a list of the exhibition booths that will be present at the marketplace. Further details on their programmes and projects can be found in the Resilience Building and Innovation Marketplace Catalogue.

 Logo_ACTED-land Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development

  • Support to refugees and host communities in Jordan to enhance resilience and support social cohesion
      BGR_de Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe

  • Protection of Groundwater Resources through Integration of Geosciences into the Planning Process for Wastewater Schemes in Lebanon
  • Improving the Geoscientific Basis for the Groundwater Extraction Policy in Northern Jordan
  • Improving the Management of well fields in Northern Jordan
 DRC_logo Danish Refugee Council

  • Community Cohesion through Community Centres: reinforcing self-reliance mechanisms in vulnerable communities
  gizlogo-unternehmen-de-rgb-72 Deutsche gesellschaft fur internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

  • Decentralized Waste Water Management in Schools in Host Communities – WASH in Schools
 FAO_logo_Blue_2lines_en Food and Agricultural Organization

  • Support to Quick Impact Food Production and Income Generation
  • Recovery and rehabilitation of dairy sector in Bekâa Valley and Hermel-Akkar Uplands
  • Improved water management & control practices to increase agro-productivity in rain fed areas
  • Alternative fodder production for vulnerable herders
  • Conditional cash assistance to build resilience against water scarcity
  • The Resilience Index Measurement and Analysis (RIMA) Model
  • Emergency Vaccination, Targeted Feeding of Livestock Grazing in Areas along the Syria-Lebanon
  • Border and poultry Farmer Field Schools (FFS)
 Flag_of_Finland_(1918-1920) Government of Finland, Funzi, Fuzu & Quick House

  • Circus School
  • Education Application
  • Career application
  • Foldable modular houses for refugees and crisis areas
 Logo_Final (1).eps GoJ.Logo Government of Jordan

  • Jordan Response Platform for the Syria Crisis (JRPSC)
 english-logo International Labour Organization

  • Promoting a job rich response to the Syria refugee crisis
  • Enabling job resilience and protecting decent work conditions in rural communities affected by Syrian refugees crisis in northern Lebanon
  IRClogo_RGB_lrg_1_1 International Rescue Committee

  • ServiceInfo: Refugee-driven mobile app to map and rate local services
  2014-10-06_DGCS rettangolare eng Italian Development Cooperation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

  • Support to the Municipalities most affected by the Syrian refugees influx
  NRC_ENG_logo_center_RGB_pos Norwegian Refugee Council

  • Urban Shelter programming in Jordan and Lebanon
 RFSAN Regional Food Security Analysis Network (RFSAN)

  • Establishment of an inclusive food security information network to support emergency food security and livelihood support interventions in countries affected by the Syria Crisis
 StC-Intl-R+K Save the Children

  • Mainstreaming Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction in the Arab States
     un-logo-279-large(1) United Nations Country Team Syria

  • Resilience inside Syria
  UNICEF Logo- En-blue UNICEF

  • Makani Spaces Jordan
  • Raspberry-PI Lebanon
  • Innovation Labs in Lebanon and Jordan
  • Self Learning Education Syria
 undplogo UNDP Jordan

  • Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on The Jordanian Vulnerable Host Communities
 undplogo MOSA UNDP Lebanon & Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon

  • Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme
  undplogo UNDP Lebanon

  • Access to sustainable energy for lighting and heating for host communities
  • Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings Host Communities
 undplogo UNDP Syria

  • 365 Days of resilience in Syria
unfpa-logo- high resolution[1] UNICEF Logo- En-blue UNFPA & UNICEF

  • Hemayat: Promoting Women and girls’ Health and Well-being

  • City and Neighbourhood Profiling
  • Integrating IDP camps into cities
  • Jordan affordable Housing
  • Regional Technical Office (RTO)- A tool to enhance local planning and good governance
  • 5Building Blocks: State building through Spatial Planning
 unhcr_logo_horizontal_blue UNHCR

  • Iris-scan biometric technology
  • Refugee Assistance and Information System
  • Information Sharing Portal
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Two Way SMS System
  • Automatic Data Collation
  • Cash Assistance
  • Websites for refugees
  unops-logo-1024x187-1 UNOPS

  • Increasing Access to Electricity for IDPs and Host Communities in Iraq
   UN_Women_English_No_Tag_Blue (1) UN Women

  • From Humanitarian Emergency to Resilience for Social Stability
  WFP loGO World Food Programme

  • Electronic vouchers programme and Retail Plan/WFP-affiliated retailers
  • Innovative cash programming including WFP’s iris-scan payment system
 WHO-EN-C-H World Health Organization

  • Public Health Surveillance using mobile technology and an online framework
  • Adaptation Training for Syrian health staff (Doctors & Nurses) who are Refugees in Turkey