The Resilience Development Forum (RDF) will include a two-day Resilience-building Innovation Marketplace. The Marketplace is designed to give space for the many partners involved in the response to the Syria crisis to showcase their innovative initiatives and ideas, and to share knowledge, lessons learned, best practices and technologies employed. The Marketplace will offer to RDF partners:

  • A platform for governments to highlight their innovative responses to building the resilience of communities and systems in their respective countries
  • An opportunity for implementing partners to share and exchange innovative approaches to strengthening resilience in the context of the Syria crisis
  • An open space for the international community to appreciate new trends and approaches to a protracted crisis

The Marketplace will showcase two categories of initiatives; (1) initiatives that have demonstrated tangible results and are backed by reliable data; (2) initiatives that are not yet tested in the context of the Syria crisis but have catalytic potential.

The Marketplace will showcase over 40 projects selected by the multi-partner evaluation committee for their innovation and resilience focus. Exhibition booths will provide space for organizations to present their projects and programmes. The Marketplace will provide spaces that welcome participants and invitees to interact and connect with each other .

Speaker’s Corner will provide a central venue to highlight the most creative and innovative projects showcased in the Marketplace. Speakers will elaborate on their project, focusing on the key themes of resilience and innovation in the region. The Speaker’s Corner will begin at 10:00 am in the Marketplace on Day 1 of the Resilience Development Forum.

Webcasting the Marketplace – Several internal reporters will rove around the Marketplace area with iPads, live streaming the Marketplace Booths and interviewing participants. The reporters will also cover the Speaker’s Corner proceedings and the Café Networking discussions.  Photos taken by reporters will feed into the large screen projection to be displayed on the Resilience-building Bulletin Board.

Key messages boards – Participants are invited to contribute to updates on three large white boards throughout the day with key messages and outcomes from the Roundtable Discussions and Speaker’s Corner. This will help bring the discussion of the Roundtables to the Marketplace, creating a vibrant flow of ideas and a platform that encourages knowledge sharing.

Resilience-building Bulletin Board and Screen –A large screen will show information on the Marketplace, including the agenda. In addition, updates on upcoming Speaker’s Corner presentations as well as the Roundtable Discussions will be projected. Photos from the various activities will be fed into the projection in between updates. To the side of this screen there will also be space that will act as the Marketplace “bulletin board”, where participants can write down their comments, advertise their booth, share discussion points from conversations held at the networking café.

Networking café – A space for informal discussions and a place to sample refreshments in between activities, the networking café will bring together people from various sectors, organizations and countries. Tables and chairs will provide a comfortable setting for people to meet and interact. Each table will feature a different placard with some key messages or questions on the RDF and Marketplace to stimulate discussions and networking. Paper place mats and colored pens will stimulate café goers to doodle and make notes to visually capture conversations. Highlights can be shared on the Resilience-building Bulletin board. Reporters from the webcasting channel will also interview people at the network café for further insights into the proceedings and innovation highlights. A whiteboard will be dedicated to visualizing links and future collaboration between the participants and visitors of the marketplace.